The Blood Bank statistics are divided into 15 variables:

Deviations from averages are illustrated with colors. More green - better results. More gold the higher expectations you might have (a bit simplified).

The average in question is the average for the whole crop (sire statistics and broodmare sire statistics) or average for the sire/broodmare sires foals as a whole (sire-broodmare sire statistics). In tables with sire statistics for older foals, there are no relevant average.


GreenOffspring results above average
GrayOffspring results at average
RedOffspring results below average
GoldExpected results above average
GrayExpected results at average
BrownExpected results below average
No colorNo relevant average exists


avknumber of foals
premierpercentage that has passed premie race
qualifiedpercentage qualified
starterspercentage of starters
winnerspercentage of winners
<19percentage in 1.19,0v or 1.17,0a (approx: trotters in 2:04)
<16percentage in 1.16,0v or 1.14,0a (approx: trotters in 1.59)
>10percentage 10,000 EUR winners
>50percentage 50,000 EUR winners
staverage number of starts
p1average number of wins
earningsaverage earnings
siremtrlaverage sire BLUP value
dammtrlaverage dam BLUP value
proffstrpercentage in proffessional training

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